Liam Gallagher: Oasis reunion ‘light years’ away

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher thinks an Oasis reunion is a “bazillion light years” away.
The former frontman of the ‘Wonderwall’ hitmakers has often spoken about the possibility of reuniting with his brother and former band mate Noel Gallagher – whom he has been in a bitter feud with since the band’s split in 2009 – but has now said unless the 50-year-old rocker changes his ways, he has “no f***ing desire” to be in a band with him again.
Asked about an Oasis reunion, Liam said: “If me and [Noel] get back together as mates and as brothers and all that cycle then it’ll naturally happen, but at the moment it’s a f***ing bazillion light years man. I don’t really like or care for what he’s f***ing about, and I’m sure he doesn’t really like or care for what I’m about, but I have no f***ing desire to be in a band with him, because he’s not the type of person I’d want to be in a band with.”
And the ‘Wall of Glass’ hitmaker won’t put a price tag on the band, as he says no amount of money will make him “share a stage” with Noel before the pair have “come to [their] senses” and put aside their differences.
Speaking to Chris Moyles for a Facebook Live session with UK Radio station Radio X, Liam said: “It depends man because it’s not that simple. It’s not about me getting back with Noel, we have to like each other before we can f***ing share a stage, you know what I mean? It doesn’t matter how much f***ing put on the table, I don’t need that money, if you’re just doing it for the money then I ain’t doing it.
“It’d be nice to have £100 million in your f***ing bank account, but I’ve had £100 million so it’d have to be a little bit more. So it’s not about the money, it’s more about me and our kid coming to our senses where we can go ‘Right we actually f***ing like each other’ and at the moment we’re very two different people. He’s one side of the coin and I’m the other.
“So me and him have to get back to liking each other before we even start f***ing talking about that. We’re certainly not going to get back to it for money. And we’re not going to get it back for pressure, or because someone hasn’t seen us before, it’s about me and him.”

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