Liam Gallagher needs cash for concreting

ICONINSIDER — Liam Gallagher wants to concrete over his garden when he has some “money in the bank”.
The 44-year-old singer is set to pave over his outdoor space when he next has an influx of cash because he can’t stand the green area, despite once being invited to the Chelsea Flower Show when organisers thought he was a “keen gardener”.
He said: “Apparently I’m a keen gardener. I got invited to go to the Chelsea Flower Show because apparently I’m into f***ing flowers.
“I have one [a garden]. I’m not keen on it though. I’d much prefer it to be f***ing paved. When I get some money in the bank there will be concrete going over it.
“I’m a keen concreter.”
When he’s not busy hatching plans to pave over his garden, Liam loves to tweet fake news about himself to wind up his followers, and he also feels the need to put some people in their place on his Twitter account.
When asked in a Radio X interview broadcast on Facebook Live if he’s ever tempted to tweet “made up nonsense”, he replied: “I do do that. There’s a few little gems in there which come out in the wash.
“I enjoy it. It’s nice to put a few wrongs right, you know what I mean.
“People get a bit mouthy about s**t, and you go, ‘No, this is what happened.’
“Nine out of 10 times it’s just random s**t.
“I do reply to a few little cocky ****s, sometimes. There’s no point in doing it if you don’t. It’s craic ain’t it.”
The star recently admitted he tried six months of sobriety but found it too “boring”, and insisted he was “too good” to people.
He said: “I do like a drink, I’m not an alcoholic, but I like talking s**t to people, I like the s**t that comes with drinking. But I have been sober for six months before, it’s just boring. I felt too good, I was opening doors for people and getting old ladies’ bags of shopping and saying, ‘I’ll help you across the road’ – f**k that. I don’t want to feel that good, who wants to feel too good?”

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