Kimberley Walsh’s baby son is cutting his teeth

ICONINSIDER — Kimberley Walsh has been having some sleepless nights because her baby son keeps waking up in pain as he’s cutting his teeth.
The former Girls Aloud singer has two sons, two-year-old Bobby and eight-month-old Cole, with her husband Justin Scott and although her youngest child had settled into a good bedtime pattern he’s been crying in the night due to his first gnashers cutting through.
Kimberley, 35, has been getting up to give Cole lots of cuddles to soothe him and also got a great parenthood tip from her sister Sally for a product that helps ease his discomfort.
In her blog for, she revealed: “Cole is almost eight months now and has changed so much over the past few weeks!
“There have been lots of developments with Cole over the last fortnight, he’s just cut both his front bottom teeth too bless him. I could definitely tell he was little bit troubled by them as he was sleeping really well and then suddenly starting waking again and wanting lots of cuddles. It must be painful for them. My sister Sally recommended Anbesol liquid which is brilliant! You can get it from the chemist and it’s the only thing I’ve found that actually numbs the gum to take the pain away. He’s started sleeping again now that they’re both through … until the next one cuts that is!”
Kimberley has also revealed that Cole is trying his best to crawl so he can keep up with his older brother Bobby.
Although the ‘Biology’ hitmaker and her spouse Justin are keen for him to master his crawling she’s aware that once a baby is on the move it presents a new set of problems.
She said: “He’s also very close to crawling and getting frustrated that he hasn’t quite got the hang of it. He crawls backwards and pivots round in a circle but can’t quite work out the coordination to go forward. He’s done a couple of tentative moves forward but then just rocks back and forth on all fours getting very annoyed! I have to say with Bobby I was desperate for him to start crawling but I know how hard it is once they’re on the move as it’s my second so I don’t mind if Cole wants to take his time! It’s a whole different ball game once they’re crawling and you cannot take your eyes off them for a second! He’s still the smiliest baby ever.”

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