Judy Greer to star in Driven

ICONINSIDER — Judy Greer is to star in ‘Driven’.
The 42-year-old actress has signed up for the indie thriller alongside Jason Sudeikis, Lee Pace and Timothy Olyphant.
The movie follows the story of Jim Hoffman (Sudeikis), a con artist who has turned an informer for the FBI. His handler (played by Olyphant) wants to catch DeLorean (Pace) in a drug deal that became one of the craziest celebrity scandals of the 1980s. Greer is set to play Jim’s wife Ellen Hoffman, Deadline reports.
The film will be directed by Nick Hamm whilst Colin Bateman has penned the script. Tempo Productions’ Piers Tempest and Jo Bamford will produce alongside Pimienta Film Company’s Luillo Ruiz. Blue Rider Pictures’ Walter Josten is executive producing whilst Blue Rider Pictures will finance.
Hamm said previously: “All filmmakers are suckers for a good story and this is a great one – and as yet, untold. It’s about ambition, success and failure in a decade where everything began to change. It’s also an intelligent and personal drama about fighting for personal success. An edge-of-your-seat, character-driven and comic wink to the world of power suits, discos and vice. Above all, it’s damn good fun.”
Whilst Tempest shared in a statement: “Jason and Lee pair in the main roles as a charismatic and risk-taking duo. And we’re excited to expand upon a great filmmaking partnership between Colin and Nick formed on The Journey, in which they were so adept at creating an enticing and funny story of sworn enemies making peace possible.”
Filming for ‘Driven’ is set to begin in September in Puerto Rico.

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