Judge dismisses lawsuit against Taylor Swift

ICONINSIDER — A Denver judge has dismissed the case brought against Taylor Swift by former radio host David Mueller.
Mueller was seeking $3 million in damages after claiming he lost his job at KYGO radio after Taylor’s security team accused him of groping her bottom during a meet-and-greet in June of 2013 but US District Judge William Martinez has ruled there is insufficient evidence to support the claim.
Mueller had blamed Taylor directly, rather than 13 Management, and the judge said: “Simply put, it is far too late for the plaintiff to argue that he had filed the wrong claims against the wrong people.”
Mueller had sued for damages and loss of future earnings but the judge ruled that he hadn’t met his claim as he wasn’t asking for a specific amount and had left the jury to decide on an appropriate sum.
While Taylor, 27, has personally been cleared, the case against her mother Andrea and management is still ongoing.
And Taylor’s countersuit against the DJ for the symbolic sum of $1, following her claims that he intentionally groped her during the meet-and-greet session, will also proceed.
Taylor testified in court earlier this week and said: “He stayed latched on my bare ass cheek as I lurched away from him, visibly uncomfortably. The first couple of milliseconds, I thought it must be a mistake. I moved to the side very quickly.”
Taylor’s mother added: “It’s absolutely shattered our trust. Our meet-and-greets are much smaller. We have metal detectors. We do background checks. It scared us really badly.”

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