Jessica Biel wants A Team sequel

ICONINSIDER — Jessica Biel would be up for a sequel of ‘The A-Team’.
The 35-year-old actress starred as Lieutenant Sosa in the 2010 movie based around the popular 80s TV series and a few years ago there was talk of a follow-up – but it’s yet to come to fruition.
Speaking at during a Reddit AMA, Biel said: “I think there was probably talk of a sequel and yes I had a lot of fun working on that show with all those guys.
“Would’ve absolutely loved being part of that cast with those guys, and yes, they were all really funny as well.”
The brunette beauty stared alongside Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Quinton Jackson in the film by Joe Carnahan.
The ‘Sinner’ star – who has two-year-old son Silas with her singer husband Justin Timberlake – also admitted to being a big fan of working with comedy actors like Adam Sandler and Kevin James.
She said: “Adam Sandler and his crew were pretty amazing to work with. Adam and Kevin James and their whole crew are hilarious to work with.
“Working with them is almost impossible because they’re so clever and on their feet at all times and you’re laughing and cracking up during every take.
“It’s so much fun. They make comedy look easy, but it’s not. It’s way harder than anyone thinks.”
Meanwhile, Biel also starred with Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2015 romantic comedy ‘Accidental Love’, but claims the film was released with a different title and was “unfinished”.
She said: “That film ended up getting released under the title ‘Accidental Love’. The production kept getting shut down due to financial issues and actually we never finished the film.
“We got shut down before shooting the last scene and it was until years later when someone bought the film and recut it without that scene. In my mind, unfinished because we never shot the last scene.”

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