Jessica Biel eats clean

ICONINSIDER — Jessica Biel insists she doesn’t do anything “super special” with her diet.
The ‘Sinner’ actress tries to stick to a “really clean” eating regime, but she isn’t afraid to pig out when she has a “cheat” day.
She said: “I don’t really do anything super special with my diet. I try to eat really clean… fruits and vegetables, fish, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like my cheat days and I go BIG.”
And in order to stay in shape, the 35-year-old beauty likes to do online exercise classes.
Speaking during a Reddit AMA with fans, she explained: “Daily routine… I go back and forth between yoga and circuit training.
“There’s a website called – it’s basically like a monthly membership thing where you have access. You can do it all, anytime, anywhere. I’m not affiliated with them AT ALL, just think they’re a really good resource.”
Jessica tries her best to get her two-year-old son Silas – who she has with husband Justin Timberlake – to eat healthily, but often has to resort to “hiding” vegetables in foods he likes.
Asked for tips on getting youngsters to eat vegetables, she replied: “YES, hide ’em! I hide vegetables in eggs, quiche, stews soups, smoothies…. I hide vegetables everywhere I possibly can. (sic)”
And while the brunette beauty tries to eat well, she admits one of the reasons why she loves to travel so much is the opportunities it gives her to try new foods.
She said: “I think my favourite hobby of all time is travelling and going to places I’ve never been before… getting out of my comfort zone and doing all kinds of crazy treks… and yeah, basically eating my way all over the world.”

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