Jennifer Metcalfe names son Daye Colmic Lake

ICONINSIDER — Jennifer Metcalfe has named her baby son Daye Colmic Lake.
The ‘Hollyoaks’ actress gave birth to her first child six weeks ago and, although she and her beau Greg Lake have kept details about the tot close to their chests, they’ve now revealed the little one’s unusual moniker, which she made up a few years ago.
Speaking to OK! magazine, she said: “I made it up on the way up to Newcastle about two years ago. We weren’t trying for a baby – we never spoke about kids until we really wanted him – but we knew it would happen one day. I just stored the name until then.”
Greg added: “I wasn’t sure about it but one day I was driving home and I thought. ‘Daye Lake sounds good – I like this’. That was always the name for a boy. We 100 percent thought we were having a girl and we couldn’t decide on a name.”
And it wasn’t just Daye’s forename they made up as the couple also decided to give him a middle name that would be a tribute to their fathers Colin and Mick.
Jennifer said: “My dad was called Colin and Greg’s dad is Mick. Greg quite likes having the dads’ names carry on and I’m not a fan of having more than one middle name. I wanted something original and then our friends Rachel Adedeji and husband John Finegan were up visiting and it just sounded nice coming out of her mouth.”
And, although the 34-year-old star enjoyed her labour, the couple were shocked to find out that their little boy could’ve died because the umbilical cord had a knot in it.
Greg explained: “They [the midwives] said: ‘It’s a miracle!’ It’s a miracle when anyone has a baby so we thought they would say that, but the midwife lifted him up and showed us that the cord had a knot in it.
“Apparently they happen once in every hundred babies and what usually happens is a stillbirth. It was a tight knot but it must have been enough to get the oxygen and food through. If he had tightened it, he wouldn’t have got any oxygen.”

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