Jemma Lucy to show real her in CBB

ICONINSIDER — Jemma Lucy hopes ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ will prove she isn’t a “fierce horrible bitch”.
The ‘Ex on the Beach’ star admits her heavily-tattooed appearance makes people think she’s “intimidating” but she is out to prove that she’s a good person underneath.
Speaking before she entered the famous abode last week, she said: “People think I’m aggressive and intimidating because of the way I look, but I’m not the fierce horrible bitch that I come across as on TV. I’ve got more issues than the average person.”
Though the housemates often struggle with being isolated away from their loved ones, it won’t be a problem with Jemma because she doesn’t have a great relationship with her family.
She admitted: “My family are old-fashioned and they associate tattoos with criminals or ‘common’ people and they just can’t accept it. My mum hates the way I look, that I haven’t been to uni and ended up modelling. I got kicked out of five schools, so studying wasn’t for me.
“She asks me when I’m going to stop but the answer is never. I love what I do and I make good money. I’m used to being on my own but I do feel lonely when I see friends with their family.
“One of my mates told me she hadn’t seen her mum for a week and was missing her, and I thought, ‘I’d love to know what that feels like’. But I accept it may not happen.”
And the 29-year-old star won’t be getting involved in any wild partying in the house as she quit alcohol in June.
She told Closer magazine: “I was losing work as I was going out so much. I don’t like the hangovers any more. You can’t get out of bed til 2pm and they leave you feeling depressed.
“I’ve replaced booze with the gym and now my whole mindset has changed. I can’t even think of one person I used to party with who is still in my life.
“I’ve learnt some lessons and I’m much more calm and positive.”

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