Jason Derulo: It’s important for singers to diversify

ICONINSIDER — Jason Derulo thinks it is “important” for music artists to diversify nowadays.
The ‘Talk Dirty’ hitmaker feels it is crucial for musicians to explore other avenues as well because music doesn’t “sell as much as it used to”.
He said: “It’s important to diversify. Today, being a celebrity is only part of it. It’s the stage that allows you to do other things, especially with music, right?
“So if you’re not diversifying, it’s a shame, especially with music not selling as much as it used to. Although music hasn’t sold as much as it used to, artists weren’t as famous as they are now. You can, with a click of the button, see what your favorite star is doing at any given time.”
The 27-year-old singer believes streaming and downloading has changed music in a “big way”.
Asked how streaming has affected the industry, he added to OZY: “The biggest way it’s changing music is that songs don’t have to be a big hit on the radio to be a big hit. There are so many songs that are culturally big because they’re bigger on other formats, whether it’s on social media or these streaming networks.
“It’s exciting because the people get to decide what the hot songs are. There are so many different playlists you can be put on, and there’s so much intel on what people are listening to and what they’re skipping, you know what I’m saying? So make sure you don’t skip any of my songs, I’ll track you down.
“So, yeah, there’s just so much intel that tells you what song you should put out next, based on what people are digging, what people are listening to. It’s a very different world, and I’m excited about it.”

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