Jamie Oliver gives his parenting skills six out of 10

ICONINSIDER — Jamie Oliver would give himself “six out of 10” as a dad.
The 42-year-old celebrity chef and his wife Jules have Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14, Petal, eight, Buddy, six and Rocket, 12 months together and Jamie admitted juggling children of different age groups is tough, with teenagers being the hardest to parent.
He explained: “It is a struggle with nappies all over the house and stair gates, we’ve got three sets of kids – we’ve got teenagers so that’s revision, hormones, the whole thing. I’d give myself a six out of 10 as a dad to teenagers. I don’t think I’m very good to be honest.
“And they’re girls, which is really hard and they’re not interested in much I’ve got to offer. And then the others are six and eight and I’m pretty good at that. And then one is a baby and we’re back to the beginning.”
And Jamie has ruled out having any more children, even though his wife wants to expand their family.
When asked by the Daily Telegraph if he is finished having children, Jamie said: “I think so, yes. I think at 42 you’re pushing your luck. I haven’t got any more room in the car, so we’d have to buy a bus.
“But Jools would love me to say ‘never say never.’ She’d tell me not to rule it out.”
Jamie and Jules met when they were 17 and he is still completely smitten by his beautiful wife.
Jamie said: “She is quite a girl. I’m pretty much in awe of her; she’s as amazing as a mum could get.”
He added that the key to their relationship is “keeping work really separate. You’ve just got to make stuff work, although we definitely don’t have enough time for just us.”

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