Jackie Chan works out ‘every day’

ICONINSIDER — Jackie Chan works out “every day”.
The 63-year-old actor has admitted he has a strict fitness regime, which sees him enjoy daily workouts at the gym as well as an hour-long run to maintain his slender frame.
Speaking to the Metro newspaper, the martial arts expert said: “I still go to the gym every day and run for an hour.”
But the ‘Karate Kid’ star has “never” been on a diet in a bid to tone up because he believes acceptance and being “young at heart” is the key to being “naturally healthy”.
He added: “But I never go on a diet.
“I believe that if you enjoy every moment of your life, accept yourself and stay young at heart, then you will naturally be healthy.”
Jackie has recently filmed the mystery action movie ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ and he has urged people to take part in the fitness class because he thinks it is “good for people”.
He explained: “In kung fu explosiveness of action is necessary to do the most damage in the shortest time. But the moves in yoga are slow, focusing on the softness and flexibility of the body. In their own way, yoga moves are also at full strength: stable and balanced. Yes, they are opposites in a sense, but when a martial arts practitioner learns yoga, the training of the mind combines with physical strength to empower his or her willpower. Kung fu and yoga therefore complement each other.
“But I think it [yoga] is good for people. Both kung fu and yoga are tied to self-knowledge and enlightenment. They teach how to concentrate and to keep one’s body and mind in balance. They both train you to develop a clear mind and to feel one’s inner joy, protecting the mind from outer influences.”

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