Gemma Atkinson dresses like a 14-year-old boy

ICONINSIDER — Gemma Atkinson usually dresses like a “14-year-old boy.”
The ‘Emmerdale’ actress has just been announced as the fourth celebrity to take part in the forthcoming series of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ but she has admitted it’s not just the routines she’s worried about as she’s terrified of the skimpy outfits she’ll have to wear.
Speaking on Key 103 Breakfast, she said: “I dress like a 14-year-old boy in work, I am a trackies and converse kind of girl, but I have been wearing stilettos around my house. I don’t know how women do it all the time. I am not graceful, my mum says I’m like a baby elephant. I’m a big lass, I’m 5’9”. I’m going to challenge my inner feminine side. I will be graceful, once they give me a dancer, they are so big and strong and they are going to be amazing. I am going to embrace it, make the most of it, and enjoy it.”
Despite being thrown out of the comfort zone, the 32-year-old star is prepared to give it her all because she doesn’t to look back on the experience and regret anything.
She explained: “With anything, a job or new venture, if you don’t give it 100 per cent you can’t expect 100 per cent out of it. I don’t want to look back at Christmas and think I wish I would have done better or I could have more. It’s going to be gruelling, it’s going to be tiring, but its only 3 months so I’m going to make the most of it. Hopefully my gym sessions will pay off with my fitness levels. Fingers crossed I should be okay.”
And, although she’d love to win, she’s just hoping not to get the boot in the first week.
She added: “My aim it’s just to not go out first, I would love to get to the final, absolutely. For me, learning to dance itself is a milestone. So if I come away from the experience being able to say I can dance, then that in itself is great.”

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