Freema Agyeman broke the TARDIS

ICONINSIDER — Freema Agyeman broke the TARDIS.
The 38-year-old actress – who played the Time Lord’s companion, Martha Jones, on ‘Doctor Who’ between 2006 and 2010 – admits she is very “clumsy” and one day accidentally knocked the iconic time machine’s console, but she couldn’t hide her gaffe because “everyone” saw what had happened.
She told Grazia magazine: “We were talking the other night about how clumsy we’d been on the ‘Doctor Who’ set and I had to confess I knocked a tiny knob off the TARDIS console. Everyone on set saw.”
Despite her own acting success, Freema doesn’t spend a lot of time watching television or going to the cinema.
She admitted: “[My friends tease me about] not watching enough TV or film – they can never talk to me about the latest must-sees that everyone is excited about.”
The ‘Sense8’ actress has recently taken up meditation and has found it has made a huge impact on her outlook on life.
Asked who owes her an apology, she said: “A year ago, I might have thought of someone but I’ve taken up meditation so I’ve learned to let things go.
“I cannot believe how much easier things are for me now…
“I don’t [call anyone in a crisis] because I’m a self-soother. I sometimes find that external voices can complicate an issue and cloud my judgement.”
While she’s altered her outlook on life, Freema wishes she could change her sleep schedule.
She said: “I need to get into a better bedtime routine. I can never get my butt into gear in the evenings, even if I plan that I’m going to get home and get ready for bed, it never happens.”

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