Eva Longoria’s lifelong project

ICONINSIDER — Eva Longoria says it has been a “lifelong project” of hers to join the fashion industry.
The ‘Desperate Housewives’ star picked up the Style Ambassador award, presented to her by her longtime friend Robert Verdi, at the Accessories Council’s 21st Annual Excellence Awards and spoke of her hopes for her clothing collection going into the future.
Speaking at the event in New York City, she said: “I am so excited to receive this award because it’s a lifelong project of mine to be in the fashion industry. I’ve been sewing since the age of seven.
“I want to be modern yet classic, so it’s a constant balance in this ever-changing industry. It’s an exciting time for me and my brand, I’m honoured to receive this from such a prestigious organisation.”
However, Eva has confessed to experiencing her own fashion faux pas in the past including chunky platforms.
She added: “Remember when the chunky platforms were like the thing? I just cleaned out my closet and I’m like when the hell did I wear these?!
“Right now, I’m into the single platform. I’m really into a good tennis shoe. I’m Adidas-ed out and I have a bunch of other brands too, like Vince and James Pearse. They’re so fashionable!”
Meanwhile, Eva previously admitted she isn’t “very comfortable” wearing black clothes because she thinks they are “boring”.
She said: “I’m not very comfortable wearing black. I just think it’s boring, and I don’t feel beautiful in it. Your wardrobe can really enhance your emotions, good or bad … My daily uniform is probably jeans, a silk shirt, and some heels. And a blazer. Or a dress. I call the dresses ‘the onesies’ because you step in, zip it up, and go. There’s not a lot of overthinking and accessorising.”

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