Ethan Hawke teases another Before film

ICONINSIDER — Ethan Hawke has hinted there could be a fourth instalment of the ‘Before’ film series.
The 46-year-old actor – who has played Jesse in the movie franchise since 1995 – has teased there could be one more movie about his and Celine’s journey together.
Asked if he thinks there’ll be another movie, he said: “I don’t know. I would have said after the second there was definitely going to be a third one but I do feel complete in that the first one starts with the older couple arguing on the train and by the end of the third one we’ve become that couple.
“If it were to continue it would change shape. It would be something else. Julie, Rick and I might work together again, we might revisit those characters but it’ll need a new burst of energy. I don’t know what it is.
“We’re not allowed to think about it until five years after – that’s how we’ve done it every time. Waking Life was five years after Before Sunrise. and Before Midnight we met five years after Before Sunset. So we’re gonna meet five years after the release of Before Midnight. talk about it and see where we wind up.”
And Ethan admits the movie series has been very important to him as he spent so much time of his life on it.
Speaking about what movies have stayed with him the longest, he added to The Independent newspaper: “The Before trilogy … Boyhood and the Before trilogy are deeply connected to my soul for lack of a better word. I’ve worked on Jesse, which is the main character from the Before movies, at nine-year intervals.
“I started working on that character when I was 25 and the last time when I was 41, so it’s been with me and I’ve gotten to put a lot of my own life into those movies. Boyhood is only short a couple of years – it was 12 years working on that character. So those movies are part of me in a way that other movies are one window.”

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