Elvis Presley named his horse Star Trek

ICONINSIDER — Elvis Presley named his horse after the sci-fi show ‘Star Trek’.
The iconic musician loved watching the original Gene Roddenberry-created TV series so much that he decided to name his pet after the programme, which subsequently spawned a number of spin-off shows and movies.
Celeste Yarnall, who starred alongside Elvis in the comedy-romance film ‘Live A Little, Love A Little’, said: “Elvis was a ‘Star Trek’ fan. He even had a horse named ‘Star Trek’.”
Celeste, 73, appeared on the show a year before they worked together, and Elvis was thrilled to be united with the actress.
She told a new Sky Arts documentary, called ‘The Seven Ages Of Elvis’: “First day on set, Elvis gave me the biggest hug, and he said, ‘I just couldn’t wait to meet you. I knew you were coming. And I know you from ‘Star Trek’.
“We became very, very dear friends and very close very quickly.”
The documentary also explores some of Elvis’ most remarkable musical feats, including when he once recorded 35 tracks in just five nights.
Norbert Putnam, the icon’s former bassist, recalled Elvis’ extraordinary recording session in June 1970.
He shared: “No-one had ever accomplished that much work … and it couldn’t have been done with any other artist. He would learn a song in two or three takes … and Elvis would say, ‘Let’s do it. Come on, guys.’
“It’s almost like an athlete, like, ‘Give me the ball, I’ll score’. He’s pumping, he’s saying, ‘Guys, we’re going to nail this first take, come on.’… and (he’d nail it) first time through.
“He’s phenomenal, and he just heard this song for the first time 10 minutes ago.”
The documentary marks 40 years since Elvis’ death and new research of listening habits on the music streaming service Deezer has underlined the American’s enduring popularity.
For instance, Reading in England was found to be the place that streamed more Elvis music than anywhere else in the world, but Santiago, Chile, and Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, both also featured in the top 20.

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