Eddie Van Halen’s Glen Campbell request

ICONINSIDER — Eddie Van Halen once asked Alice Cooper to book him a guitar lesson with Glen Campbell.
Alice has revealed the Van Halen lead guitarist was so in awe of the country music legend – who sadly lost his battle with Alzheimer’s Disease on Tuesday (08.08.17) aged 81 – that he was desperate to pick up some tips from the star.
He said: “Eddie Van Halen asked one time, he said, ‘Could you get me a guitar lesson with Glen?’ Most rockers would go, ‘What?’ That’s the kind of guitar player he was.
“He was considered one of the five best guitar players out there.
“He was one of the premier guitar players in rock and country. A lot of people don’t know the respect he had in the rock and roll world.”
Glen was diagnosed with the disease six years ago, and Alice admits it was a “relief” for the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ hitmaker that he was able to say goodbye to his fans.
Speaking on TV station Fox 10, he added: “I think it’s a relief for Glen and the family. I’m sure if it were up to Glen, five years ago would’ve been fine with him. [His wife] Kim was so faithful taking care of him. His kids were so faithful taking care of him. They’re in that period now of grief that’s unexplainable.”
Several stars have paid tribute to Glen since his passing, including Billy Ray Cyrus, who praised the late singer for being a huge inspiration throughout his career.
He wrote: “Glen Campbell was such a huge influence on me. Growing up, I studied his writing, songs and how he was an ‘entertainer’s entertainer.’ Along with Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, Glen Campbell was one of the first to parlay country music into mainstream television and broaden the entire country music fan base across the globe. Ride on Rhinestone Cowboy. God Bless. (sic)”
Dolly also took to her Twitter account to pay tribute to Glen, insisting he had one of the “greatest voices” ever, and could playing “anything”.
In a 20-second video, she said: “Glen Campbell was special because he was so gifted. Glen is one of the greatest voices that ever was in the business and he was one of the greatest musicians.
“He was a wonderful session musician as well, a lot of people don’t realise that.
“He could play anything and he could play it really well, so he was just extremely talented.”

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