EastEnders’ Jay Brown’s world to fall apart

ICONINSIDER — EastEnders’ Jay Brown’s world is set to be blown apart when Phil Mitchell reveals that he killed his father.
The young mechanic – portrayed by Jamie Borthwick – feels like he owes so much to the recovering alcoholic (Steve McFadden) as he took him under his wing and cared for him when his dad Jase Dyer (Stephen Lord) was brutally murdered in 2008, but things are set to turn dark when he discovers that the man who has been treating him like a son all these years was actually the person responsible for claiming his father’s life.
Speaking to Inside Soap magazine, Jamie said: “His whole relationship with Phil has been ruined, and Jay can never forgive him – he’s distraught. But Phil has done so much for him. so he’s torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. Phil’s been a big influence in his life – without him Jay would have no money, he wouldn’t have anywhere to live. He’s really in a tricky position, that’s for sure.”
The drama will play out across two episodes – focused on Phil and Jay – and the although the 23-year-old star thoroughly enjoyed working on the scenes, he’s worried what it’ll mean for his character.
He explained: “I was flattered to be trusted with such an important thing – and to be able to hold court with Steve for half an hour! Hopefully I’ve kept up with him. I just try and do my best all the time, so fingers crossed everyone will be happy. But full credit has to go to the crew – they threw everything at the episode, and it was just fantastic. I really enjoyed filming it. It really kicks in from now.”

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