Dominic Cooper ‘surprised’ he hasn’t had kids

ICONINSIDER — Dominic Cooper is “surprised” he doesn’t have “loads” of children.
The ‘Preacher’ actor – who has been in a relationship with actress Ruth Negga for seven years – admitted he is feeling broody because all of his friends have kids and starting a family of his own is the only thing missing from his life.
He said: “All my friends have kids now. All our discussions on Whatasapp revolve around whether you can fit a buggy on an aeroplane.
“Everyone does things at their own speed, but I’m always quite surprised that I don’t have loads of kids. There’s probably one last piece of the jigsaw [missing for me]. There’s definitely something that needs to shift.”
The 39-year-old actor also confessed to being a “terrible godfather” to his best friend James Corden’s son, six-year-old Max because he always “misses” his birthday.
Despite his success, the ‘Mamma Mia!’ actor admits he still lives in “chaos” and often thinks he should be less indecisive, though commiting to plans still makes him feel uncomfortable.
He said: “I’m becoming more turbulent with age. I think I’ve just become more worried about where it’s all going. Freewheeling is fine to a point isn’t it? And then you go to yourself, ‘Make some f***ing decisions’. But even committing to a date in time, or an activity at a certain point in a day [makes me uneasy].
“I’d much rather just see what happens. I’m surprised I even have some grounded things like a mortgage. I’ve managed to keep the out-of-control s**t at bay. Just about. But it’s a struggle still, this massive chaos.”
When he was younger, the British actor admits he was “constantly” in trouble at school.
He told Red magazine: “I was constantly in trouble at school. I didn’t like bullies, I stood up to them. I was constantly in fights. It was growing up in South London. You had to have a bit of an edge about you.”

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