Doctor Who to be vegan?

ICONINSIDER — Doctor Who may become a vegan.
Jodie Whittaker has made history after she was cast as the first female to become the time-travelling alien in the sci-fi series and now PETA – an animal rights organisation – has urged the new show runner Chris Chibnall to make her an animal activist too.
In an open letter, PETA’s UK director Elisa Allen said: “We at PETA – like so many devoted ‘Doctor Who’ fans worldwide – are excited to see Jodie Whittaker step into the Doctor’s shoes. But before she begins to navigate her way through space and time, we have a request we hope you’ll consider: make the character vegan.”
The organisation believe a meat-eating Time Lord goes against the show’s “central message of love for life in all its forms” and listed a umber of “tasty alternatives” on offer for the iconic character to eat that will benefit her health and the environment.
Ms. Allen explained: “Vegan foods have really come a long way since the nut cutlets of the Sixth Doctor’s time – there are tasty options readily available to suit every appetite (even if that’s faux-fish fingers dunked in soya custard).
“We hope the new Doctor will join us in taking a stand for animals and inspire others to switch to a healthy, Earth-friendly, life-saving diet.”
Meanwhile, Jodie, 35, was overcome with nerves when she found out that Chibnall – who she worked with on ‘Broadchurch’ – had chosen her to play the titular character in the forthcoming series of the sci-fi drama because she was worried she’d let the cat out of the bag before they’d made their big announcement in July.
She said: “I didn’t know details but I knew there was going to be an attempt at a really brilliant reveal. And I did not, I have got super bad paranoia, so I was like, ‘Did I tell you that? Sorry. Was I supposed to tell you that?’ You know that awful thing of ‘Was I supposed to tell you that?’ Obviously I’ve had five years of ‘Broadchurch’ to know, ‘OK, I’m not sure if I told you that, but if I did, don’t tell anyone…’ I also had a massive panic about it as I was a bit like I can’t remember what I was told I’m not allowed to say…”

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