Demi Lovato ignores body shamers

ICONINSIDER — Demi Lovato “doesn’t pay attention” to body shamers.
The 24-year-old musician has struggled with her body image in the past, but now insists she doesn’t listen to the critics who slam her for her appearance as she believes their words have more “power over” her if she gives them attention.
She said: “I don’t really deal with body shamers anymore because I don’t look at it. I think everybody deals with haters. I feel like I don’t really deal with haters anymore because I don’t pay attention to it. And I think the more attention you give it, the more power it has over you. So, I focus on just what I see in the mirror and that’s a beautiful person. And regardless of what I think of my body that day, I know that nobody can take who I am away from me.”
And if the ‘Confident’ singer does happen to read a negative comment about her body, she doesn’t let it get to her because she knows she is “healthy”.
She added: “I don’t read the comments. And if I see a comment that says that ‘she’s fat’ or whatever, I let it roll off my back because I just know that I’m healthy and I’m doing everything that I can to be healthy. So whatever my body is right now is, is what it is. So, love it or hate it, I’m still gonna love it.”
It isn’t just her physical health that Demi is getting in check either, as she also admits to seeing a therapist “two days a week” to work on her mental health.
Speaking to ‘Entertainment Tonight’, the ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ hitmaker said: “I see a therapist two days a week. I reach out to people. Whenever I’m struggling with something, you know, I work out. I eat clean. I have a healthy support system around me, so I do everything that it takes to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.”

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