Coleen Rooney takes charge at home

ICONINSIDER — Coleen Rooney “can’t rely on” her husband Wayne at home.
The 31-year-old star – who has sons Kai, seven, Klay, four, and Kit, 18 months, with her soccer ace spouse – admits she has to take charge of their household because the sportsman rarely lifts a finger and often forgets when she does give him a task.
She told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “I don’t think that he uses his mind that much.
“Wayne doesn’t put the rubbish out. He will put things away after himself. He’s not messy, he’s just… I can’t rely on him to do anything.
“He forgets to do things I ask him. I’ll say, ‘Will you post that letter on the way to training?’ A week later, the letter will still be in the car or his bag.
“He doesn’t help with the housework.”
However, Coleen – who has been with Wayne for 15 years and married him in 2008 – conceded her spouse does help out with the children and is happy to read bedtime stories while she “sorts the baby out”.
But the footballer has been “banned” from attending the kids’ sports matches by his wife because his presence is too distracting and their sons end up upset.
Coleen explained: “Tournaments can be a bit of a headache.
“One day, Wayne came to a match and he spent the whole time taking photos with kids, and at the end Kai said, ‘You never even saw me play!’
“So I ban Wayne now from matches because Kai gets upset.”
The fashion designer believes the public don’t see Wayne in the same way she does because he is so private.
She said: “Wayne makes me laugh, but some things that he thinks are funny I don’t. I keep him in line, I tell him if I don’t think something is right.
“He’s funny and has a good sense of humour that people don’t really see as he is quite a private person. I don’t think they can figure him out.”

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