Christopher Kane wants designers to inject ‘thrill’ back into fashion

ICONINSIDER — Christopher Kane thinks designers need to inject a “thrill” back into fashion.
The 35-year-old fashion designer thinks it is down to him and fellow creative masterminds to “change perceptions” and to bring “newness” back into the business, because he doesn’t think there is any excitement in buying something that doesn’t stand out.
The Scottish mogul told Porter magazine: “If designers don’t go out there and change perceptions, then where it’s the newness? Where is the thrill in buying something and wearing it? We all need to put more of a thrill back into fashion.”
But Christopher – who founded his eponymous brand in 2006 – has hinted he has nothing to worry about as his garments are the “antithesis of a uniform” and unpredictable.
Speaking about his brand, which comes under the luxury group Kering, he said: “What we do is almost like the antithesis of a uniform. So many people are very prescriptive, but would you want to be so predictable in your clothing choices?”
Although the businessman thinks designers have to be innovative with their creations he also believes no one knows what “good or bad taste” truly is.
He explained: “I don’t think anyone knows what good or bad taste is.”
Christopher has revealed he joins forces with casting director Russell Marsh to scout “brilliant scruffy little models” in his runway shows instead of recognised catwalk icons.
When asked about his ideal representative, he said: “Those brilliant, scruffy little models
“She is a real person with real intentions and loads of character, whether she’s in a £175 T-shirt or a £10,000 dress.”
Meanwhile, the Central Saint Martin’s alumni is “very very ambitious” and constantly pushes himself to his limits, although he feels he is “killing” himself to come up with new ideas.
Speaking previously, he said: “I am ambitious.
“I’m not going to say I know everything. It’s a learning process. We learn every day. It’s only been 10 years, and hopefully in another 10 years I will know a bit more. I am very very ambitious, to the point where I can almost crush myself sometimes.
“But I just love what I do. I want people to know the brand for being brave and bold. It’s about a new chapter in femininity, a new woman.”

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