Chloe Sims wants nothing to do with Pete Wicks

ICONINSIDER — Chloe Sims wants nothing more to do with Pete Wicks.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star has no intention of making amends with the heavily-inked hunk after they fell out at the end of the last series when he reignited his relationship with Megan McKenna, and she has admitted she’s not too stressed out about it.
Speaking to The Sun’s Bizarre column, she said: “My friendship with Pete ended last series. I’m not sure that we will be able to build that back up but stranger things have happened. I feel like some friends come in your life for a little while and then go and they’re not meant to stay and maybe that is what Pete is.”
And, although she’s not bothered either way if they make up, Chloe thinks Pete and Megan need to keep their romance a bit more private this time around.
She explained: “No one really cares about them getting back together – they need to try and keep it a little more to themselves this time.
“People aren’t really bothered which way it goes. I hope this time round their relationship isn’t as toxic – I wish them luck and I guess we will see.”
The 34-year-old reality TV beauty fell out with Pete after Megan flipped when a picture was published online of them cuddling up to one another after a boozy night out.
But the 24-year-old babe has moved on and wishes the blonde bombshell well.
She said: “”Chloe has got her life and we’ve got ours. If she doesn’t want to be happy for us – don’t be happy for us. She doesn’t have to sleep in a bed with us at night. The break did us the world of good. We got in such a hole and we couldn’t get out of it but being split up we crawled out the rut separately.
“We had a proper, proper break and now we have started a clean slate.”

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