Charlize Theron cracked three teeth filming Atomic Blonde

ICONINSIDER — Charlize Theron cracked three teeth whilst shooting ‘Atomic Blonde’.
The 41-year-old actress can currently be seen as MI6 field agent Lorraine Broughton in the Cold War spy thriller and because Charlize wanted the fight scenes to look as authentic as possible she did all of her scenes herself, but suffered the consequences for her commitment to her craft.
In an interview with Total Film magazine, the blonde beauty said: “We really wanted to show the consequences of these fights. We wanted it to be raw and real and have Lorraine and the audience feel every punch and kick and blow to the head. There was just nothing pretty about it. I cracked three teeth, I had some dental issues and I was trying to train for five hours a day. But yeah, after multiple procedures and a couple of surgeries, I’m just like new.”
David Leitch’s new film follows the elite MI6 spy who travels to Berlin, just before the Wall is about to fall, to get a priceless dossier and take down a dangerous spy ring.
Assistant stunt director Monique Ganderton thought the actress wouldn’t want to do any more dangerous stunts after she was injured, but Charlize was committed to her role.
Monique said: “She showed up in Budapest with tooth problems. She busted them while training in LA. We were like. ‘Oh boy, she’s injured, she’s not gonna want to do anything.’ Nope, she just came by the next day, took a painkiller and said, ‘Let’s go!’ ”
Charlize stars alongside James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella and John Goodman in the movie and says the success of strong women in films – including DC’s summer box office smash ‘Wonder Woman’ – shows there has been a gap in the market for these female led stories.
She said: “It shows that there has been this hole in the market for female-led films. Especially in the action space – and people all around the world want to see a woman kick ass just like any other male superhero or action star … I want my kids to see that. I want them to see a mom who grabbed the f***ing world by the balls. Why not?”

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