Charli XCX always embarrassed

ICONINSIDER — Charli XCX is “permanently” embarrassed.
The ‘Boom Clap’ hitmaker feels like she is “always” doing silly things and is constantly left squirming by her own antics.
Asked when she was last embarrassed, she said: “Every second of my life. I feel like I’m always doing stupid things. My whole life is embarrassing. I’m in a permanent state of embarrassment.”
The 25-year-old singer was recently red faced when she accidentally texted a guy she had a crush on, instead of her friend, but the mistake ultimately worked in her favour.
She said: “I was texting a guy I had a crush on and sent a draft text to my friend being like, ‘Hey, should I send this text to this guy?’ but I accidentally sent it to that person.
“He replied, ‘Yeah, you can send that to me.’ I was like, ‘Oh God’. It kind of had the desired effect. It was a good draft.”
And Charli was also left totally flustered when she ran into one of her idols, ‘Groundhog Day’ actor Bill Murray.
She told Q magazine: “I saw Bill Murray in a hotel lobby in LA and had a total freak-out.
“We were walking past him and he said he liked my shoes and then I had a breakdown and ran out of the lobby.
“I have a crush on him, that’s a key point to the story.
“My friends were like, ‘You should say hi and invite him to a party!’ and I went, ‘We need to leave! Get in the car!’ I was so nervous. It wasn’t a cool moment for me. Total fail.”

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