Charles Spencer felt ‘protective’ over Princess Diana

ICONINSIDER — Charles Spencer has always felt “intensely protective” of his late sister Princess Diana.
The Earl of Spencer was “furious” when he found out his sibling had passed away in a car crash in August 1997 as he wished he could have been there to keep her safe.
He said: “I was furious, I wasn’t just angry. [I thought] what could I have done. But you always think, God, I wish I could’ve protected her. It was just … it was devastating. I always felt intensely protective towards her.”
With it now being 20 years since her untimely passing, the Earl of Spencer feels it is the right time to open up about his sister’s life to help cement her place in history.
Speaking in an interview shown in the two-part television event ‘The Story of Diana’, he added: “One of the reasons I wanted to talk now is because I think after 20 years, someone shifts from being a contemporary person to a person of history actually. And Diana deserves a place in history.
“I think that it’s important for people who are under 35, who probably won’t remember her at all, to remember that this is a special person. Not just a beautiful one.”
Meanwhile, Charles previously revealed he chose to bury his sibling in the grounds of the Althorp estate, their childhood home, because he “wanted to keep her safe”.
He said: “It seemed natural [to bury her at home] as I wanted to keep her safe … There was such a whipped up feeling of emotion everywhere that I was very worried about where we could safely bury her.”

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