Celebrity Big Brother housemates punished for rule breaking

ICONINSIDER — The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestants have been punished after Sam Thompson breached the shows rules.
The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star was caught discussing voting tactics ahead of the first round of nominations with his pal Jordan Davies, and during their conversation the blonde-haired lothario urged the 25-year-old fellow reality TV star to team up with him and plot who they will boot out and who they will keep in.
But the pair’s conversation has jeopardised the entire house, despite being warned about talking about the topic.
During Saturday night’s (05.08.17) episode of the Channel 5 show Big Brother grouped all of the competitors together to break the news and discuss the penalty. They said: “It is against the rules to discuss nominations with each other, this includes discussing or hinting who you might nominate in the future.
“Yesterday at 10.15 am in a conversation with Jordan, Sam you said: ‘I think there is probably only one person who will pick us. I don’t even know if I would pick her, I enjoy f**king around with her.’
“Jordan you said: ‘Yes you want people like that, you don’t want to pick her.’
“Sam: ‘Mate we will have to f**king co-ordinate beforehand, so that we both do it.'”
However, Sam and Jordan were not the only ones to speak out about their nominations as the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star, Brandi Glanville, threatened to out both Jordan and Sam if they continued to pester her with their pranks.
Speaking about the busty blonde’s slip up, Big Brother said: “And this morning at 2.45am, Brandi you said: ‘If you guys come over here tonight, you boys are going to be my first two nominations, get the f**k away'”.
The other contestants, including Sarah Harding, Jemma Lucy and Shaun Williamson listened on in shock horror and disappointment at the trio’s actions, which has resulted in all of their luxury food items being confiscated.
Big Brother explained: “These two conversations are a clear breach of the ‘Big Brother’ rules and as a result the house is to be punished. The house has been stripped of all luxury food items, and you will live off basic rations until further notice.”
Sam swiftly apologised for his mistake, which only fell on deaf ears.
He said: “‘Team, I’m so sorry. I really apologise. That is so bad.”
To which Jemma Lucy bluntly replied: “Too late now.”

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