Candice Swanepoel: Natural birth is ‘doable’

ICONINSIDER — Candice Swanepoel believes natural birth is “totally doable”.
The 28-year-old model gave birth to her son Anaca – whom she has with her fiancé and long-term partner Hermann Nicoli – 10 months ago, and although she won’t share the details of her own “natural, no drugs” childbirth for fear of putting women off getting pregnant, she thinks the process can be done without pain if people are “prepared”.
When asked if her natural pregnancy was painful, the blonde beauty said: “I don’t wanna put anyone off of having kids. I think society has made women afraid of giving [birth naturally], but it’s totally doable if you prepare yourself in the right way.”
And the Victoria’s Secret model was “surprised” at how quickly she managed to regain her pre-baby body, despite thinking it would “never go back”.
She said: “I was actually surprised how quickly the body can go back. We’re amazing creatures. Definitely [at] the three- [or] four-month mark, I was like, ‘Oh, is it ever going back?’ I just think [of] taking care of the baby. Breastfeeding also helps.”
Candice loves “everything” about being a mother, and has hinted she may already be thinking about adding another member to her family.
She said when asked to name her favourite thing about being a mother: “Everything. He’s been so sweet and been so good. Everybody is like, ‘You’re so blessed with a good baby.’ I feel like the next one will be a terror just to remind me.”
But Candice doesn’t think Anaca will follow in her footsteps and become a model when he’s older, as the star sees it as “more of a feminine industry”.
Asked by People magazine if her son will become a model, Candice said: “I feel like you could do better as a female model. If I had a daughter and felt that she could do really well it would be fine. I don’t think I would want her to get into it unless I knew she would do really well. Because it’s amazing, but it’s not super easy.”

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