Brandi Glanville brands Chad Johnson a ‘chauvinistic pig’

ICONINSIDER — Brandi Glanville has branded her ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ co-star Chad Johnson a “chauvinistic pig”.
The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star has not been impressed with the former ‘Bachelorette’ contestant during their time on the Channel 5 show together and she slammed him during an interview in the Diary Room.
She said: “Clearly Chad is an idiot, and he’s a male chauvinistic pig. And he’s highly entertaining because of it. But he’s also highly offensive.
“He’s just a tool. He checks his abs in the mirror the whole time!”
And Brandi later repeated her remarks to Chad’s face.
She said: “I did say some things about you. I said you were highly offensive, in an entertaining way. But I said I wasn’t sure if it was an act.”
Meanwhile, ‘Made In Chelsea’ star Sam Thompson, 25, has revealed his crush on Brandi, 44.
He said: “Brandi’s a f**king legend. Brandi is the girl.
“She’s sexy. I’ve got a massive crush on her. I’m not going to lie.
“I know it can never go anywhere. I know I’m ‘just like a son’ or whatever. But a son can dream.”

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