Blake Shelton ‘thinking of getting a tattoo for Gwen Stefani’

ICONINSIDER — Blake Shelton reportedly wants to get a tattoo to symbolise his love for Gwen Stefani.
The 41-year-old musician has been dating the blonde beauty since 2015 and is apparently prepared to commemorate their romance by getting a new design inked on his body.
A source said: “Blake’s never liked the tattoo he has on his forearm, he always says it’s ugly.
“He’s talked about covering it up for a while and the only reason he hasn’t is he can never decided on a design. But he’s working on it, sketching ideas has turned into a little hobby for him.”
Despite this, Blake is eager to get a new tattoo to commemorate his love for Gwen, who divorced English rocker Gavin Rossdale in 2016.
The insider told “Now he’s trying to figure out a way to work a tribute to Gwen into the new design.”
This comes shortly after it was claimed that Blake refers to Gwen, 47, as the “unicorn of girlfriends”.
Blake considers himself to be a very lucky man and has even compared Gwen to the mythical creature.
A source explained: “Blake jokes with Gwen that she is so hot, and so down to Earth that she is like the unicorn of girlfriends … women like her shouldn’t exist in the real world.”
In fact, Blake is already convinced Gwen is the perfect woman for him, and it was claimed earlier this week that he would love to marry the chart-topping singer.
Blake was married to country music star Miranda Lambert from 2011 until 2015 – but he is still open to the idea of tying the knot with Gwen.
The source said: “Blake knows too that if you find yourself lucky enough to be dating someone like Gwen, you marry her. Gwen is marriage material, for sure.”

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