Ashley Judd reveals ‘everyday sexism’ encounter with airport employee

Ashley Judd claims she was the victim of “everyday sexism” during a recent encounter at an airport.
The 49-year-old actress has taken to Facebook Live to detail the incident with an airport employee, who referred to her as “sweetheart”, prompting a dispute between the pair.
Speaking down the camera lens as she made her way through the airport, Ashley explained: “This is the kind of thing to me that happens which I categorise as everyday sexism. And it is so easy to let it go and not to speak up, particularly when it is so easy for someone to push back and say ‘Oh, I was just being polite.’
“So I was coming through security and a guy said ‘Hey sweetheart,’ and I said, ‘I’m not your sweetheart, I am your client.’ So I was already setting a boundary. When I was setting my things out, he said, ‘Hey nice dress!'”
The ‘Divergent’ star said the airport employee’s behaviour was sexist, because he wasn’t treating male and female clients equally.
She continued: “I didn’t hear him say anything about the attire of any of the other folks in the entire line and I am in one of the most travelled airports in the world.
“I’m surrounded by lots and lots of other people dressed in lots of different kinds of dress.”
What’s more, the actress alleged the employee had touched her.
Recalling the incident, she said: “I was speaking with one of his colleagues, she was saying, ‘Do you have high heeled shoes,’ and then guess what happened next?
“He touched me. I didn’t see him touch anybody else. And I turned around and I said, ‘That was unnecessary.’
“By that time, you know, my skin was burning, my feet are burning. It’s so hard to continue to set these boundaries when someone continues to push. And then for good measure, he just said one more time, ‘have a good day sweetheart.'”



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