Amelia Lily caught in love triangle

ICONINSIDER — Amelia Lily has caught the eye of both Sam Thompson and Chad Johnson.
The ‘Made in Chelsea’ star revealed to Jordan Davies in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ garden that he has feelings for the former ‘X Factor’ contestant and would like something “better than a rebound” with her, but worried he might not get his chance to make a move.
He told Jordan: “You and Marissa [Jade] is like a bit of fun, for me it’s like – off the back of a three-year relationship I’d love to rebound with someone. But it’s better than a rebound, she’s the kind of girl I’d actually date, that I actually like.
“It is a bit gutting when Chad’s like…doing what he’s doing.”
And Chad had his chance to get closer to Amelia when they won a date with one another.
However, the 22-year-old singer had admitted to Sam she felt nervous because the date was “a bit of pressure”, and when she and Chad got their time alone in the garden, she told him she found the situation “a bit weird”.
After the date, Amelia headed straight back over to Sam, leaving dejected Chad to chat with Paul Danan in the bedroom, so the former ‘Hollyoaks’ star urged him to tell her how he felt.
And Paul also decided to intervene, telling Amelia that Chad feared he had been “played”, but the singer insisted she hadn’t done anything wrong.
Amelia was later reduced to tears after having a heart-to-heart with Chad, in which she insisted she didn’t have feelings for anyone in the house.
After some confused chat, she directly asked him if he “liked” her, and he admitted he did, prompting her to say: “You’re not telling me, I’m not a mind reader Chad. How am I supposed to know?”
The ‘Bachelorette’ star tried to ease the tension with a hug and said: “Look, give me a hug and we can go back to how it was before everyone started f***ing with us.”
Amelia agreed and said: “That’s the problem Chad, what started off as a joke has been blown out of proportion.”
But the American then left the room and sarcastically said: “Yeah, hilarious…”

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