Amber Dowding’s excessive vomiting

ICONINSIDER — Amber Dowding has been vomiting “uncontrollable” for the past four weeks.
The ‘Only Way is Essex’ star has been in and out of hospital over the past month after she fell unwell while holidaying in Bali but doctors can’t work out what’s wrong with her.
Speaking to The Sun Online, she said: “I’ve been ill since I flew out to Bali last month.
“I don’t feel sick all the time, it comes on in waves. I start gagging and heaving and then I’m sick. Then I’ll be alright for a while before it starts all over again.
“When I flew out to Marbella for ‘TOWIE’ I got sick again which was horrible. I didn’t eat much and I didn’t drink any alcohol because it would make me vomit.
“The ‘TOWIE’ team took me to hospital for tests, I gave blood and urine samples and they all came back fine. I felt anxious because being away from home when you’re ill is horrible. I stayed in the hotel a lot but it wasn’t my own home.
“It comes in waves. One minute and I’m sick and then I’m not. I just want a specialist to give me some answers. I want tests to find out what has happened.”
Amber first fell unwell in Bali and when she touched back down in the UK, she went straight to the hospital in the hope of bagging some answers from the doctors.
But after the tests came back negative, Amber agreed to fly out to Marbella with the ‘TOWIE’ cast and her boyfriend Chris Clark to shoot the summer special.
Amber is now waiting to see a specialist as there’s history of IBS in her family.
She added: “There is a history of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in my family.
“My dad had a perforated bowel and he had a colostomy bag fitted – it’s worrying for me because it is hereditary and I want know if that’s happening to me.”

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