Alice Cooper recalls Glen Campbell’s drug-taking days

ICONINSIDER — Alice Cooper has admitted Glen Campbell used to do cocaine “more than just about anybody” he knew.
The 69-year-old singer has recalled a time during his and the late country music star’s so-called “LA Blizzard” drug-taking days when the ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ hitmaker – who passed away this week after losing his battle with Alzheimer’s disease aged 81 – had a “huge problem” with the Class A drug.
Alice said: “He did cocaine more than just about anybody out there during what we called the ‘LA Blizzard,’ when everybody was into cocaine. But he had a real problem with it, I mean a huge problem. He navigated through that, I navigated through that, we both came out the other end with great families.
“That’s what we had in common, was that we were survivors of that world and we both moved to Phoenix to get away from that world. And we were still in the business.”
Glen was diagnosed with the disease six years ago, and his pal Alice noticed the singer’s deteriorating health during their time on the golf course together after they both moved to Phoenix, found God and got sober.
He added: “Every once in a while, he’d tell me a joke on the first tee. And on about the fourth tee he’d tell me the same joke again.”
Alice remembers Glen fondly as the kind of “all-purpose, good-looking” person who got on well with anybody he met.
Speaking TV station Fox 10, he added: “Glen was one of the most unique guys. You think of Glen, country; Alice Cooper, rock and roll; we couldn’t have been closer.
“He could go hang out with the Rat Pack, or he could hang out with Donnie and Marie [Osmond], or he could hang out with the Beatles, or anybody. He was in that middle. He was just that all-purpose, good-looking kid that could do anything. He was the golden boy.
“And yet him and I were like this when it came to our sense of humour, when it came to golf, when it came to music.”

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