Alex Reid slams Katie Price

ICONINSIDER — Alex Reid says Katie Price will do anything to make money.
The 42-year-old ‘MMA fighter hit out at his ex-wife’s recent launch of a protein shake range, Katie Price Nutrition, and insisted she wasn’t very interested in fitness when they were together.
He said: “She wasn’t interested, not really. She came (to the gym) a couple of times yeah.
“I just see it as a money-making opportunity, I don’t think she is actually – it’s anything to make a buck.”
Alex – who won ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2010 – has now returned to his personal training roots and called his time in the celebrity spotlight the “prostitute years”.
He told The Sun Online: “The celebrity world doesn’t really make me money – it might do for Katie, but it’s a pretty crappy life having to sell your soul to make a living.
“I call it the prostitute years and now it’s self-worth, I’m going back to what I love.
“All the celebrity crazy world aside, something I’ve always got and I can always stand by come rain and shine is my fitness career.
“I was a qualified personal trainer before I did all the celebrity stuff .
“I’ve had a lot of inner demons and battles the one thing that’s kept me going through all of this is my training – it’s the symbol that’s held me together through the stress and pain.
“My tagline is health is the only wealth you need.”
Alex and Katie, 39 – who is now married to her third husband Kieran Hayler – split up in 2011 and he is now engaged to Nikki Manashe and trying for a baby.
He said: “We are trying for a baby first.
“That’s the plan. We want a baby first, before we get married.”

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