Tom Holland confirms no appearance in Venom spin-off

ICONINSIDER — Tom Holland won’t be appearing ‘Venom’ because he doesn’t want to give up his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) “ticket”.
The 21-year-old actor is currently starring as the web slinger in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ – the first ever Marvel and Sony Pictures crossover – but revealed he won’t be starring alongside Tom Hardy in Sony’s upcoming movie, which is based on Spider-Man’s greatest foe.
However, Holland would love to work with Hardy on the venture, but admitted it would only have been possible if the project had been an MCU release.
Speaking to Collider, Holland said: “Sadly that’s true. I would love to make a movie with Tom Hardy but his movie would have to take place in the MCU.
“I’m not giving up my ticket. We will have to wait and see what happens. It would be very cool but I don’t know anything about it.”
‘Zombieland’ and ‘Gangster Squad’ director Ruben Fleischer is on board to direct ‘Venom’, in which Hardy will play Eddie Brock – the first character to become the alien symbiote – and the script has been penned by ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner.
‘Venom’ marks the first time a ‘Spider-Man’ villain will be getting their own standalone movie but the character did previously appear in Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 3’, in which he was played by Topher Grace.
The symbiote, created by David Michelinie and artists Todd McFarlane and Mick Zeck, was first introduced in the comic books back in 1988 and is still a fan favourite villain and has appeared in other Marvel Comics including Iron Man, Deadpool and the Hulk.
Sony had planned to release a ‘Sinister Six’ movie featuring Venom but made the decision to start off with a stand-alone adventure for the villain.
Sony and Marvel Studios reached a deal in February 2015 to allow Spider-Man – a character to which Sony bought the rights to – be introduced into the MCU, with Holland cast in the role and first appearing in a cameo capacity in ‘Captain America: Civil War’.

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