Tom Barber rows with Hurricane Sue Evans

ICONINSIDER — Sue Evans clashed with Tom Barber as a huge row broke out in the ‘Big Brother’ house.
The pair argued after Sue accused Tom – who was chosen as the People’s Housemate at the start of the series – and every other contestant of playing a game when he insisted he was just there for the experience.
He told her: “Susan, not being disrespectful right but I have been myself from launch night to now.”
But Sue told him: “We are in the middle of a live eight-week game … end of story. There’s going to be a winner of the game, we are in the game. It started at launch night.”
With Tom shouting back: “I don’t give a f**k about the game. I’ve come in here for an experience.”
In his fury, Tom headed to the Diary Room where he vented about what Sue had said.
He told Big Brother: “When someone comes in an is saying everyone’s playing a game when they’re not that upsets me. I’ve been in here since Day One, no one is playing a game, everyone is being themselves. If Susan thinks she knows the f***ing score, she’s wrong. Simple as that. I’m fine, I’m in the hot tub and having a laugh.”
Elsewhere, Sue started a row with Sam Chaloner, accusing him of a showmance with Ellie Young. She shouts at him in the garden whilst Sam and Ellie are enjoying some time in the hot tub together.
Sue later heads to the Diary Room where she talks to Big Brother about the “pathetic people” in the house.

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