Three Big Brother nominations announced

ICONINSIDER — ‘Big Brother’s Charlotte Keys, Joe Quaranta and Tom Barber are up for eviction.
The London-based estate agent, the nightclub owner and Tom, who was voted the People’s Housemate, will face the public vote.
Gathering housemates at the sofa, Big Brother told them: “This is Big Brother. The housemates facing eviction are Charlotte and Joe and Tom.”
It comes after Savannah O’Reilly was evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house on Thursday.
In her exit interview, Savannah admitted she hadn’t connected with Isabelle, Chanelle McCleary and their clique.
She moaned: “There was such a divide.”
She said she was “relieved” to leave the house because the atmosphere is so “intense” and she felt she was too “normal” to survive for long.
She added: “I am relieved. I was happy to go, it was very intense, much more intense than I thought it would be.”
And after an explosive week, which saw Lotan Carter thrown out of the house for his aggressive behaviour, Savannah doesn’t believe the rows are over yet.
She shared: “I don’t think it’s going to be long before there’s another eruption, the way they pick each other apart.”
When Savannah left, four new housemates – Simone Reed, Andrew Cruickshanks, ‘Hurricane’ Sue Evans and Sam Chaloner – entered the house. They had been previously introduced on launch night but lost the chance to be the People’s Housemate.
Revealing the news of the new housemates on ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, host Rylan Clark-Neal said previously: “Tomorrow night, one housemate will be leaving the show but whilst Big Brother may taketh with one hand, he may giveth with the other. We have not one, not two, not three, but four brand new housemates entering the Big Brother house. When I say brand new housemates, their faces might be a bit familiar.
“A hurricane is coming, ladies and gentlemen. They might have missed out the first time but tomorrow night, Sam, Simone, Andrew and hurricane Sue will be entering the Big Brother house as Second Chance housemates.”

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