Status Quo paid for Rick Parfitt’s funeral

ICONINSIDER — Francis Rossi claims Status Quo had to pay for Rick Parfitt’s funeral.
Rick – who was forced to stand down from his duties as guitarist in the group during their 2016 tour following his third heart attack – died in hospital in Spain as a result of a severe infection on December 24 and Francis says the group paid the funeral bill.
He told the Daily Mail: “We had to fly him back. I don’t know why, there was some procrastination of some sort with the insurance.
“And we also paid for the funeral because his family were dithering somewhat. I said, ‘There is some responsibility.’
“Ricky was my partner, I do miss him. We’ve been a duo for so long. And it feels quite lonely at times.
“Even though it might have got fractious at times, I knew where I stood. I don’t have that now. It’s all very strange.”
Francis also hit back at claims by Rick’s son, Rick Parfitt Jr, that the rocker was mistreated by the band.
He said: “It’s far from the truth – Rick was on his full money, everything was the same, and still today. We were earning money, and he was being paid. We couldn’t do it any other way.
“I can’t understand why his boys were saying that, or why someone would tell them that. Rick Jr only had to come to us and ask. We wouldn’t do that to Rick.”
In April, Parfitt Jr slammed Status Quo frontman Rossi, 68, for carrying on performing like his father never existed.
Parfitt Jnr, 42, was not impressed when he was told that his father was not mentioned at the ‘Whatever You Want’ rockers show in Estonia on April 18.
A fan wrote on Twitter: “keeping on playing like nothing happened (sic)”
Rick fumed: “That should tell you… everything you need to know … speaks volumes (sic)”
He then accused the group – also comprised of Andy Brown, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Leon Cave – of treating Parfitt, 68, “awfully” towards the end of his life and said that he will reveal the truth about it all when he feels it is right.
He added: “Dad was treated awfully … You don’t know what I know … when the time is right (sic)”

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