Sofia Coppola hails Colin Farrell as the ‘thinking-woman’s hunk’

ICONINSIDER — Sofia Coppola wanted to make Colin Farrell the “thinking-woman’s hunk” in ‘The Beguiled’.
The Academy Award-winning director made a conscious effort to objectify a man in the new drama movie and Sofia thinks Colin, who stars as Corporal John McBurney, a solider during the American Civil War, is perfectly suited to the role.
She shared: “One of the most enjoyable parts of the film is the way female objectification is turned on its head; it becomes about the female gaze with Colin Farrell the recipient.
“I always wanted the man to be objectified because it’s fun in the story. But I tried to make him the thinking-woman’s hunk.”
And Sofia revealed that Kirsten Dunst, who plays the part of teacher Edwina Morrow in the movie, was supportive of the unusual dynamic.
She told Stylist magazine: “Kirsten loved it too; she said, ‘I’m glad it’s them for once.’
“Like with the garden scene [where Farrell is sweating while toiling in the garden under the gaze of the women]. We were joking that the cinematographer took stills during that sequence for my ‘Colin Calendar’ but I never had it made.
“We definitely need to make it now. I’m glad the ladies like Colin, I spent so much time asking my friends, ‘Who’s the hottest actor?'”
Sofia, who has previously filmed in places like Tokyo, Versailles and Milan, also revealed she relished the experience of shooting her latest movie in Louisiana.
The acclaimed director explained: “The South is very exotic to me. I grew up in northern California so the idea of a Southern ladylike etiquette that still exists fascinated me.
“It’s not as extreme as it was, but it’s still part of the culture there.
“I loved it – the people are really warm and there’s an independent film community in New Orleans too.”

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