Sir Paul McCartney loves rap

ICONINSIDER — Sir Paul McCartney thinks rap is “urban poetry”.
The Beatles legend was blown away when he saw Jay-Z and Kanye’s West’s join 2011 ‘Watch the Throne’ tour and thinks people write off the genre too easily as a lot of “swearing and bravado”.
He told Rolling Stone magazine: “It’s a funny thing. A lot of people look at rap and think ‘Ah yeah, well it’s just a lot of swearing and cussing, and bravado’.
“But seeing the show, it’s a lot of poetry. I was impressed. I think seeing a whole show, you get a better idea of what it is they’re on about. So I enjoyed the show.
“It’s urban poetry, you know? When you see the show, you get a little bit of time to sit back and look at the songs and what they’re talking about and what they mean.
“Whereas the kids in the show, they all know already. They know exactly what’s going down, all the words and the lyrics.
“But for me, it’s good to get clued in and think that rap is more than just what some people say it is. It’s an education – I like it.”
The 75-year-old musician is currently on tour in the US and tries to travel light, though he confessed to always carrying a bag filled with things he doesn’t even look at – but he knows the minute he ditches the clutter, he’d find a reason to need the random items.
He admitted: “I always bring a lot of stuff I don’t need. I’ve always got a bag with me with stuff in it I’m never even gonna look at.
“But the minute I don’t bring that bag, there’ll be something – a demon I want to play someone or there’ll be a script I want to look at or some letter I want to answer.
“So I just bring the whole caboodle. I bring a bag and not a lot more. We sometimes have friends or wives or relatives with us, which is good.
“But other than friends, relatives and a bag, I can’t think of anything else.”

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