Samantha Womack won’t turn down reality TV

ICONINSIDER — Samantha Womack wouldn’t turn down reality TV if she was “desperate” for money.
The former ‘EastEnders’ actress was axed from the long-running soap earlier this year when her alter-ego Ronnie Mitchell drowned on her wedding day but, although she’s been busy with work since her departure, she has admitted she wouldn’t turn down the chance to take part in a show like ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ if she was tight for cash.
Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, she said when asked if she’d do reality TV: “Never say never I might be desperate in a year you never know. Listen, reality TV is now a part of the world we live in and it’s taken over 50 per cent of all TV. Things like that and social media, the world is changing – you have to keep up! For me it’s always down to the part, acting is where I’m acting. Unless I’m forced, I’ll stay off reality.”
The 44-year-old actress was devastated when she found out she was getting the chop from the show she’d been part of for a decade because then-new executive producer wanted to shake things up a bit but, although he’s now been dropped from the programme due to plummeting viewing figures, she doesn’t hold resentment for him.
She explained: “I’m devastated that they were killed. My heart goes out to him (sacked producer) and everyone struggling in the show. It’s full of talented hard working people so I hope they get back on their feet. I have worked in every time of job whether it’s TV, film or musical comedy and I thought I’d be prepared. It’s not just that, it’s also the fact that each time you get a new writer or director on-board they’re always trying to change the character so it’s trying to hold on to that and fight tooth and nail to keep her authenticity and that’s no easy feat – that probably why I was killed.”
And Samantha doesn’t think Sean is completely to blame for the viewing flop.
She added: “I’m always wary of making one single person a scapegoat. Ideas are brought to him too. It’s easy to pin the blame on one person, I don’t think it’s helpful.”

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