Rita Ora’s dog too much of a diva to sit on floor

ICONINSIDER — Rita Ora can’t bring her dog on the road because she doesn’t like sitting on the floor.
The ‘Your Song’ hitmaker’s pampered pooch Cher The Bear is a massive “diva” and the blonde beauty is afraid that her pet won’t take to life on her bus.
Speaking to Becca Dudley for an episode of ‘MTV ASKS Rita Ora’, which airs on MTV Music UK on Tuesday (04.07.17) at 10pm, she said: “I have a dog. She can’t come on the road that much cause she’s just so … she’s a diva, a real diva. More than me, like she doesn’t sit on the floor. I know. She has to sit on something that’s on the floor. I’m like ‘Why can’t you just sit on the floor like a normal dog?’
” Then she just goes and sits on my coat and just sits on it. And I’m like ‘You’re annoying’ like, I even sit on the floor.”
Despite her annoyance, Rita adores her pet and doesn’t like to think her pooch is getting older and is no longer a baby.
Gushing about Cher to a fan who asked how she was, she said: “Cher The bear, she’s fantastic, she’s a diva, like I said, but, you know what, I can’t believe I found out that she’s like four now.
” But I think she’s still secretly like three. But one of my friends told me she’s four so I don’t know what to believe.
“She’s tiny, but four is I think old in dog years. No, she’s not so little any more. ”
The 26-year-old pop star’s biggest goal is to tour the world is much as possible, but that will mean she will have to endure being apart from her canine buddy.
Asked what she has left to achieve, the ‘Body on Me’ singer – who is gearing up to release her long-awaited second studio album – said: “I think what I really want to do is genuinely just go on a tour, like a world tour and just get my teeth really sunken into it and like do things around the world and like go see the world and perform, like that’s my dream. ”

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