Priscilla Presley says she’s ‘friends’ with Sir Tom Jones

ICONINSIDER — Priscilla Presley and Sir Tom Jones are long-time “friends”.
The celebrity duo set tongues wagging in February when they were spotted together backstage at a Jerry Lee Lewis concert – but Priscilla has clarified the situation, revealing they’ve been good pals since 1968.
Priscilla explained: “Tom and I have been friends since ’68. It is true. That’s not the first time we’ve been out obviously, but probably the first outing in public.
“But always friendship, always friends. He’s a great guy. Part of that was because he lost his wife, that was the love of his life. It was kind of friends getting together to support him.”
Priscilla, the former wife of music icon Elvis Presley, addressed the rumours ahead of the 40th anniversary of Elvis’s death, which is being marked by the Elvis and the Symphony Orchestra tour later in 2017.
And the 72-year-old actress has revealed she still listens to the hits of Elvis – who died in August 1977, aged 42 – whilst she is doing the school run with her grandchildren.
Speaking to ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’, Priscilla shared: “When I drive [the grandkids] to school we play his [Elvis] music or we’ll play other music as well as I want them to be on top of who’s out there pop wise. They have their own taste.
“One of the twins loves opera. He [Elvis] used to love opera, hence of course the show with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of classical music.”
Meanwhile, Sir Tom’s wife Linda passed away in April 2016, shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer.
Sir Tom subsequently admitted Linda still appeared in his dreams.
He said: “When I dream that she’s still here and then I wake up and she’s not, that’s the hardest.”

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