Prince Harry’s pal attacked by rhino

ICONINSIDER — Prince Harry’s close friend has been attacked by a rhino.
The 32-year-old royal was working on a conservation project in Malawi’s Liwonde national park when 41-year-old game ranger Lawrence Munro – who has previously been described by Harry as a great team-mate and “one of the best” – was set upon by the beast, who was thought to be protecting a young calf.
Fortunately for the flame-haired royal, he was in a different section of the national park when the rhino tore a “huge gash” through Lawrence’s thigh and hip, causing him to be rushed off to a South African hospital.
A witness – who was embarking on a walking safari led by the game keeper when the attack took place – told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Within seconds she had clearly got our scent and set off towards us. The baby followed her and looking back it’s clear she was protecting both the calf and the territory. Within a few seconds our quiet magical walk into rhino territory had become absolutely terrifying.
“The scout signalled to us to retreat as fast as possible and to get behind him in a single line behind a tree. The rhino was thundering towards us with its head down. I never thought a huge animal like that could move at such speed.”
Another one of the safari group described the animal attack.
They said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. He shot forwards holding his rifle up with both hands as if to fend off the rhino. But it came straight at him, its head down, and the rifle broke in about three pieces as he was flung into the air and landed face down in the dust and dirt. We saw blood pouring out of a huge gash all the way up his leg and thigh, as far as his hip. He kept saying he was all right, and he remained conscious but it was terrible to see so much blood.”
Lawrence – who was working with Prince Harry as part of the second phase of the 500 Elephants project – is still conscious, and has said he’s “going to be fine”.
Chris Galliers, chairman of the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa, said: “I spoke to Lawrence and he says he’s going to be fine. It could have been so much worse. He’s a modest guy but we know there were heroics.”

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