Prince Charles: Canada is an ‘example’ to other countries

ICONINSIDER — Prince Charles has hailed Canada as an “example” to other countries.
The 68-year-old royal attended a star studded national extravaganza in the country’s capital of Ottawa over the weekend in celebration of 150 years since the dominion of Canada was established on July 1 1867.
Whilst at the open-air celebration, Charles shared the stage with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and praised the country for its leading examples of “fairness and inclusion” that other countries should emulate.
Speaking at the televised event held at Parliament Hill, Prince Charles said: “We should be clear and proud that we are celebrating a country that others look to for example. An example of fairness and inclusion; of always striving to be better.
“Around the word Canada is recognised as a champion of human rights, as a peace-keeper, a responsible steward of the environment and natural resources, and as a powerful and consistent example of diversity and the power of inclusion.”
It was a sentiment echoed by the Prime Minister, who said in his own speech: “We don’t care where you’re from or what religion you practice or whom you love. You are all welcome in Canada.”
Meanwhile, musicians Bono and The Edge – from rock band U2 – were tasked with headlining the entertainment at the event, where they performed their song ‘One Love’ and the Lennon and McCartney track ‘Rain’.
Whilst on stage, Bono said: Your Highnesses, your Canadianesses, thank you for having us. The Irish have been welcomed here for hundreds of years and still now, from the famine, where we were in many respects refugees, to now, we arrive by choice bringing ingenious little starts ups and approximately 17,165 Irish pubs.”
The ‘With or Without You’ musician also praised Canada for its ability to welcome visitors with “arms open wide”.
He added: “Whether you’ve just arrived from Syria or your roots go back thousands of years, this is your home and we are grateful guests in it.
“Where others build walls you open doors, when others divide you arms are open wide, where you lead others follow – that’s the real reason The Edge and myself are here.”

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