Paul O’Grady’s Blind Date to feature first lesbian coupling

ICONINSIDER — Paul O’Grady thinks Channel 5 are “really brave” for inviting lesbians on ‘Blind Date’ for the first time on Saturday (08.07.17).
The 62-year-old comedian – who is gay – hosts the revamped dating show and is delighted that the broadcaster is breaking tradition by featuring same-sex couples.
Speaking of the progressive move – which will air during Pride month – he said: “It’s 2017 – you’ve got to educate people. It’s no longer boy meets girl.
“You have to acknowledge that. You can’t just have same old, same old. I think it’s really brave of them to make this step, because the others wouldn’t.
“Imagine the BBC? It wouldn’t happen, it just wouldn’t happen.”
The show will see Steph, a 26-year-old digital content manager, Sarah, 30, a civil engineering technician, and Jane, 31, who was born in New Zealand, attempt to woo 29-year-old customer complaints worker Alice.
But Paul insists the show will go further and pair gay men and even bisexual and non-binary – individuals who do not identify as either gender – couples.
He added to The Sun newspaper: “It’s boy meets boy, girl meets girl, boy meets whoever, whatever floats your boat.”
The move has won praise from LGBT group Stonewall.
The said: “Since the show’s end in 2003, a representation of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people has come a long way, and we hope to see Blind Date’s move inspire shows of a similar format.”
The episode comes after Channel 5 said they wanted to update the classic series, presented by Cilla Black on ITV for 18 years.
The said they wanted it to: “Reflect the present day whilst maintaining the humour, charm and cheekiness of the original.”

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