Olivia Munn’s best beauty advice is being a ‘good person’

ICONINSIDER — Olivia Munn’s best beauty advice is to just be a “good person”.
The 37-year-old actress thinks being “positive” makes people the “most beautiful” they can be, and would rank a good personality above any outer features as “you can’t put make-up on the inside”.
Speaking about being a good friend to people, Olivia said: “I think that’s what makes people the most beautiful. You can’t put makeup on the inside, but when you have that kind of positivity, it shows through, and you need those positive people around. Make good choices with people in your life, and make sure you have all of your best girlfriends around you.”
And the ‘Office Christmas Party’ actress says the best piece of beauty advice she’s been given is to surround herself with positive people who can lift her up and encourage her to live a “positive life”.
Olivia told InStyle magazine: “You can’t live a positive life with negative people, and that definitely radiates through you. It’s all in ourselves. There are high vibration people, and low vibration people. There are high vibration words, and low vibration words. You need the people around you to lift you up and encourage you, but you should also lift them up and encourage them.”
Meanwhile, the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ star recently claimed her secret to losing weight is munching on beef jerky instead of protein bars or greek yoghurt.
She said: “Two years when I was shooting ‘X-Men’ I lost a bunch of weight working out and doing martial arts and didn’t even realise it.
“[I started] reaching for protein bars a lot because I thought that was being healthy.
“I love jerky first of all, but then I looked and it was a lot less sugar and carbs and it was super high in protein. It was a lot easier than carting around a Greek yogurt because that’s what I was doing at the time.
“That’s when I started levelling off my weight.”

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